We strongly recommend that you take our travel insurance for your travel to cover costs in case of illness or accident abroard.

Why you should get travel insurance
When traveling on holiday it is absolutely vital that you are fully covered with a travel insurance policy to protect you should things go wrong. Here are ten reasons why you should ensure you have cover.

1. Cancellation – with the best will in the world, circumstances can upset your holiday plans before you even leave for your trip. Falling ill, being prevented from leaving due to unforeseen work circumstances, being posted abroad or even a death in the family can stop your break in its tracks. By ensuring you have a travel insurance policy from the time you book your holiday you will be covered for cancellation for a range of reasons. You may have lost your trip, but you won’t lose your money through no fault of your own.

2. Medical – there you are, enjoying your time away, when you have an accident or fall ill and need medical attention. Whilst an EHIC card is useful in Europe, you are still going to require additional assistance and you will certainly have problems securing medical treatment at doctors and hospitals across the world.

With a reputable insurance policy, bills for medicines, hospital stays and even being returned to the UK will be covered by your insurer. An air ambulance can cost over £20,000 to bring you home so it is easy to see how important this cover can be.

3. Personal accident – if you should suffer an accident that leads to a permanent loss of your limbs, your sight, or even worse your death, then this part of a travel insurance policy will cover this situation and pay out compensation to you or your family.

4. Curtailment – if you have to cut your journey short due to unforeseen events then a travel insurance policy will often pay out for the missed portion of your trip. You may be missing your holiday, but don’t lose the money you have paid out as well.

5. Lost documents – it is bad enough losing your passport or tickets, but to then be hit with bills to obtain a replacement document while you’re abroad really does add insult to injury.

6. Possessions and baggage – if your bag gets stolen or is lost and you lose your clothes and other possessions, then this cover will make life easier. Travel insurance policies can include cover to enable you to replace items either while you are away or when you return to the UK.

7. Money – losing cash if you are robbed or have your room broken into will be covered by many policies.

8. Personal liability – should you cause an accident that affects either a person or property you may well be liable. A personal liability clause will protect you in a legal claim.

9. Legal Expenses – this covers professional help in the event of the need to make a claim for compensation due to injury, accident or death.

10. Peace of mind – the real reason for ensuring you buy a policy that covers your travel needs. You can then relax and enjoy your break.