Accommodation in Tanna

Tanna is one of the largest islands of Vanuatu. The landscape on the island of Tanna is dominated by the Yasur Volcano. The volcano is one of the most active in the world. The island has a dense tropical vegetation, crossed by lava flows. On the coast you will find beautiful black sand beaches.

Lenakel – the largest town on the island is located on the west side of the island and has a harbour. In the village you will find a beautiful church and a lively and colorful market. Eight kilometers northwest of Lenakel in the town of White Grass wheere the airport of Tanna is located. Air Vanuatu scheduled flights from here to Anatom, Aniwa, Dillon’s Bay, Futuna, Ipota and Port Vila.

Directors Choice – Top Hotels for all Budgets

Director of Pacific Island Travel, Rob Kusters shares his top picks of Hotels, Resorts and accomodation in Tanna for all budgets!

Tanna Lodge

Tanna, Vanuatu

“This family resort, with 12 rooms and bungalows, located on the west side of Tanna 3 km south of the landing strip. Rooms are simply furnished.”

White Grass Ocean Resort***

Tanna, Vanuatu“The comfortable resort is a 5 minute drive from the airport. Tropical complex offers a beautiful view of the crystal clear waters. The bungalows are nicely spread out in the tropical gardens and are decorated with touches of the South Seas.”

More information about Tanna

Tanna Tree 1. Banyan trees

Tanna is famous for its huge banyan trees. The jungle is rampant in the fertile volcanic soil on Tanna. For locals, the tree is very important. For ceremonies, rites of passage and as housing, some chiefs build their hut even in the tree.

Blue Cave 2. Blue cave

Deep in the jungle of Tanna in the ground is a large lake hidden. From the edge of a large crater in the middle of the rainforest is the access to the lake, which is about sixty feet wide at this spot. The lake is part of an extensive system of underwater caves. Sun rays coming through the jungle break through reverberated on the water surface and provide mysterious light spectacle on the crater walls.

Tanna3. Port Resolution
Port Resolution – located on the southeast side of Tanna – derived its name from the ship of Captain Cook who anchored here in 1774. The bay is a sheltered harbor for yachts. There is a small village with hot springs. The “locals” cook their food here in the steamy “hotwater pools”, but you can also bathe in lower “pools”, where seawater mixes with the hot water from the springs.

Tanna has a network of unsealed roads and 4WD tracks; all the major attractions are linked by roads to Lenakel, the capital. Trucks and the local bus meet each incoming flight. The fare from the airport to Lenakel by taxi/bus is 1000/200Vt. Ring 68647 to ask the bus to pick you up on its rounds.