Accommodation in Port Vila

The capital of Vanuatu has only a few streets, it is more of a long village. The city now has more than 40,000 inhabitants and is growing rapidly. The area where Port Vila is located was inhabited by Melanesians thousands of years ago. In 1606 the first Europeans arrived, led by Pedro Fernandes de Queirós and Luis Vaez de Torres. During World War II, Port Vila a base for the US and Australian Air Force.

There is a warm blanket of calm about life in Vanuatu. Nobody is in a hurry, everyone stops his daily activities for a chat. Complete strangers greet each other with a wide smile. After just one day in Port Vila understand why the people of Vanuatu were voted the happiest people in the world.

Directors Choice – Top Hotels for all Budgets

Director of Pacific Island Travel, Rob Kusters shares his top picks of Hotels, Resorts and accomodation in Port Vila for all budgets!

Magic Resort

Magic Resort, Port VIlla

“The Magic Resort is located about 15 minutes outside of Port Vila, directly on a 2 km long beach in a small bay. Ideal for surfing and snorkeling. Swimming is limited. The bungalows are very spacious.”

Iririki Island Resort

Iriki Island Resort

“The small island Iririki surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, is ideal for relaxing and for visiting Port Villa. Iririki Island Resort & Spa is located on a private island amidst the deep blue bay of Port Vila. It is only 3 minutes by boat to the cafes, restaurants and shopping.”

More information about Port Vila

Dining, Port Vila 1. Dining out

There are plenty of fantastic choices for dining out in Port Villa – whether it be at one of the many resort restaurants or at a local restaurant. Because the islands of Vanuatu are surrounded by the ocean, you will find on the menu much tuna and other large sea fish on and shellfish and tropical fruit.

Blue Lagoon Waterhole 2. Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole

A must in Port Villa is a swim in the blue lagoon swimming hole. Gorgeous spot, an amazing place to just jump into perfectly blue water and watch the world go by.

Cascade Waterfalls3. Explore Cascade Waterfall
A few minutes’s drive from the city, this attraction is indeed an amazing example of Vanuatu’s natural treasure! After passing through a chaotic town, Port Vila, the scenery quickly changes as you will be greeted with verdant surroundings, plenty of wonderful tropical plants and flowers which are nowhere near the size of their equal in Oz!

In Port Vila the buses are van and mini-buses with a red B on the left side of the number plate. They largely traverse the main road take you directly to your destination. There are no scheduled services and are perhaps best thought of as cheap, but shared taxis. Wave at them to stop one heading in the direction you want to go.