Accommodation in Malekula

Malekula is the second largest (in size) island of Vanuatu. Malekula belongs to the Malampa Province. The island is 2005 km² (94 km long and 44 km wide) and the highest point is 892 m.

The island is still almost totally untouched. Malekula is almost completely covered with impenetrable jungle. On the island you will find two banks and a post office, the thirty thousand people who live here speak together thirty languages ​​and hundreds of dialects. The island is a mecca for anthropologists.

There is plenty of white sandy beaches and coral reefs with good snorkeling and diving. The interior is mountainous, rugged and forest-covered with good walking and bird watching. There are old cannibal sites hidden in the bush in the north, but at many the bones and skulls have been removed or buried.

There are over thirty different languages spoken on the island but what really typifies Malekula are the ancient tribes which used to live up in the hills: the Big Nambas in the North and the ‘Smol’ Nambas in the central part of the southern area.

Malekula has more bungalows and conservation areas than neighbouring Santo and is Vanuatu’s most culturally diverse island.

There are airports on Malekula at Norsup in the north, Lamap in the southeast and Southwest Bay. Norsup has a tarmac surface. Air Vanuatu operates daily to Malekula.