Accommodation in Vavau

300 km north of Tongatapu is the Vavau archipelago. The hilly Vava’u group is covered with a dense jungle, turquoise lagoons and white sandy beaches. The island smells sweetish, because of the many vanilla plantations. Vava’u consists of more than 50 islands, with a maze of canals, lagoons and bays.

The name of the largest island of the group is also Vava’u, it is 89 square kilometers and the highest point on the island is Mount Talau (131 m). The islands of Vava’u are created by volcanic activity, they are of the type “raised atoll.”

Directors Choice – Top Hotels for all Budgets

Director of Pacific Island Travel, Rob Kusters shares his top picks of Hotels, Resorts and accommodation on Vavau for all budgets!

Mounu Island

Mounu Island Resort

“This secluded island resort is a paradise coral atoll on the south side of Vava’u. The resort is working with the Tongan Beach Resort regarding transfers (Mounu is 10km by boat from TBR). Please note that airport transfers must be booked in advance.”

Tongan Beach Resort

Tongan Beach Resort

“This small family resort located in a beautiful garden right on the white sandy beach. The resort is 5 km from the village of Neiafu and about 15 km from the airport in Vava’u.”

More information about Vavau

Vavau1. Mariners Cave

Some of these caves you can entry with a small boat, others you can explore snorkeling or diving. Mariners Cave is tucked behind a meter thick rock wall. Even at low tide you can see the entrance barely. You can enter the Mariners Cave just swimming with a snorkel.

Vavau 2. Neiafu Harbor

The capital of Vava’u is Neiafu, deeply hidden at the end of a long bay. The bay is the most ideal natural harbor imaginable for yachts and small ships in the middle of the Pacific.

3. NorVavauth Coast
Vava’u The north coast consists of steep and rugged sea cliffs. Also in some sheltered bays you can also find white sandy beaches which are usually completely deserted. You can explore the area on foot, mountain bikes or quads.

Most of the Island groups are serviced by inter island ferries, these are mainly used by the Tongan people as an affordable means of transport.

Rental cars are another popular way to get around within the island themselves and there are a number of companies operating rental fleets in Tonga. There are also local buses and taxis you can use.