Accommodation in Tutuila

Tutuila, with its irregular shape, is the main island of American Samoa. The island consists of a volcanic mountain range, which is lush. The island is nearly bisected by the bay of Pago Pago.

The deep bay is very similar to a fjord but is actually a partially collapsed volcano crater. The highest mountain of Tutuila is the 653 meter high Matafao Peak, but more is known of the 524 meter high Mount Piao, also called the Rainmaker.

As a traveler you’re always looking for that right type of accommodation to suit both your budget and lifestyle and here in American Samoa we can offer that. From a beach front Samoan fale to boutique lodges, apartments or a hotel suite, all of our accommodation properties are 100 percent local owned and operated.

The mountainous regions (highest point at 653 m) of the island, its beaches, coral reefs, World War II relics, and the sporting activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and hiking activities make it attractive to tourists.

There is a range of accommodation options here in Tutuila to meet your need. Whether that be a hotel, resort, verified B&B or a holiday home search to find the best choice!