Accommodation in American Samoa

American Samoa is the only territory of the United States that is south of the equator.

American Samoa has an area of 199 km² and a population of 65,000. It consists of six islands, Tutuila by far the largest.

About 100 kilometers east of Tutuila are three smaller islands Ta’u, Ofu and Olosega, which together form the Manu’a Islands are called. There are also the uninhabited islands Rose Atoll and Swain Island.

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American Samoa 1. Manu’a Islands

The three beautiful islands of the Manu’a islands lie 100 km east of Tutuila. The islands consist of spectacular volcanic mountains, actually edges of submerged volcanoes.

Ta’u Island is 40 km², and about half of it belongs to the National Park. The 995-meter-high Mount Ata is the highest point on Ta’u island. The island has only an average of 2 km, so Mount Ata sharp sticking up. Nature is wild and pristine. The southern coastline of Ta’u and associated coral reefs belong to the park. Furthermore, here is the ancient holy place Saua, which is seen as the birthplace of the Polynesian people. Few tourists visit Ta’u and other Manu’a islands. Nevertheless, you will find on the islands beautiful white sandy beaches and fantastic dive sites to. Ta’u is accessible by plane from Pago Pago.

Another island that is very beautiful Ofu Island. Also Ofu is a small island with a beautiful lagoon and a huge cliff. Ofu is one of the most beautiful islands of the South Pacific, with white sandy beaches, palm trees and stately – a bit inland – a beautiful blue lagoon. A portion of the island was declared a National Park and includes the southern shoreline and associated coral reefs. This part of the park is especially suitable for snorkeling and swimming. Ofu has a simple guesthouse, but can only be reached by boat from Ta’u.