Accommodation in Samoa

Although Savaii is the largest island of the Samoan archipelago, the capital Apia is on the more populated island of Upolu, which is also the seat of government and centre of commerce.

Savaii is considerably less developed than Upolu, dotted with secluded beaches and crowned in the centre by the 609ft Mt Matavanu, whose eruptions in 1905 caused the people to migrate to neighboring Upolu.

East of (Western) Samoa you find the islands of American Samoa, with its capital Pago Pago – located on the island Tutuila. Pago Pago is a bustling town, but a lot less “American” then you might expect. On the northside of Tuituila you find a splendid National Park – ideal for nature walks. Perhaps one of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific is Ofu, with its razorsharp cliffs, jungle and untouched coralreefs.

Scenically, Upolu offers an eclectic mix of natural riches that extend far beyond white sand beaches and blue lagoons. Well, of course there are plenty of those also, including an ample supply of excellent fishing, diving and surfing spots all along the coast. If you want all of this and more, just take a half-day excursion down the east coast, down to idyllic Lalomanu Beach. Or, if romance is on your agenda, you might just want to take the Cross Island Road straight down to the southern beaches…

Alluring beaches aside, Upolu’s interior, too, exudes a very special, mystic charm. There are numerous tracks that lead deep through lush rainforests to a number or rivers and dramatically beautiful waterfalls. Many of these are just the business for swimming, picnicking or just generally whiling the time away.

Upolu’s budding metropolis of Apia, where 35,000 of Samoa’s 177,000 inhabitants live, is the perfect place to acclimatise to island life. Because it’s hot and humid for most part of the year, Samoans are early risers and you’ll often find them sweeping their floors as early as 5am. Having said that, all the work is performed in a chilled-out manner and it still gets done!