Accommodation in New Guinea

The main island of Papua New Guinea is New Guinea. It is one of the largest islands in the world, only the eastern part belongs to Papua New Guinea. The west side (the former Dutch part of New Guinea) belongs to Indonesia, although the Papuans there has long been fighting for independence.

The island is largely covered with dense rainforest and mountains that reach up to 4500 meters. There is a large variety of plants and animals. There are approximately 250 species of small mammals and as many as 12,000 different plant species. There are approximately 6,000 different species of butterflies. The country also has a coastline with sandy beaches where you can enjoy various water sports. In addition, you can dive into beautiful coral reefs and multiple shipwrecks.

More information about New Guinea

New Guinea1. Central Highlands

One of the most fascinating parts of Papua New Guinea are the central highlands, which consist mainly of rugged mountains with an average altitude of 3000 meters. The impassable highlands, which was initially thought to be an uninhabited jungle area, appeared at the beginning of the 20th century to be the most fertile and densely populated part of the country.

New Guinea 2. The Sepik region

The Sepik region is best known for the exceptional art and architecture. The best way to the Sepik region to visit is on cruise ships, which are always made ​​short excursions, at the riverside villages.

New Guinea 3. Madang
On the north coast is the town of Madang, with its beautiful bay, golden beaches and coral formations. It is a popular area for relaxing, snorkelling and diving.

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