Accommodation in Coral Coast

Along the southern coast of Viti Levu is a the beautiful barrier reef. You hear day and night the roar of the surf, a few hundred meters from the shore. In some places the reef is interrupted by a passage (channel) to the coast, where you will find beautiful bays with pristine sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.

The lagoon between the hilly coast and the reef is turqoise colored and it is the stereotype of a Pacific paradise, the Coral Coast meets in all respects there.

Directors Choice – Top Hotels for all Budgets

Director of Pacific Island Travel, Rob Kusters shares his top picks of Hotels, Resorts and accomodation on the Coral Coast for all budgets!

Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa ***

Coral Coast

“This popular resort is situated in a beautiful garden right on the beach of the Coral Coast. At the beach is a small island with a wedding chapel. The resort is located 115km from Nadi and Suva 85km. Just note that you can only swim at high tide in the lagoon.”

Wellesly Resort Fiji   ***

Wellesley Resort Fiji
“This intimate boutique resort resort with only 15 rooms is located near Pacific Harbour on the Coral Coast. The resort is situated in a beautiful tropical garden and a white sandy beach and a beautiful lagoon. Please note you can only swim at high tide in the lagoon.”

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Coral Coast1. Check out the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

Anyone who loves a thrill will love this park and its amazing sand dunes – some of which reach up to 60 metres high. Bring along a boogie board and whiz down the sandy slopes for some fun, adrenalin-pumping action you won’t forget in a hurry. Not to mention, it’s also a great place to take in some stunning ocean views.

Coral Coast 2. Discover Kula Eco Park

Explore 28 acres spanning three valleys where you can come face to face with creatures including parrots, water birds, ocean turtles, tropical fish and reptiles of many kinds.

Coral Coast3. Visit a village

The Coral Coast gives you access to some great, authentic Fijian villages. Discover life beyond the resort setting with a visit to places including Lawai or Nakbuta.

Getting around the Coral Coast by car is a great (and easy) way to explore. There are also public buses as well as taxis (which are generally quite affordable, although often not metered so ensure to negotiate before you take off).