Accommodation in Easter Island

Easter Island a fascinating island 4,000 kilometers from Tahiti in the middle of the Pacific Ocean barely touched by modern civilization.

Called Rapa Nui, the ‘navel of the world’, Easter Island is one of the world’s most remote islands and a highly spiritual place.

Only 64 square miles in size, it is like an open-air museum for there are huge stone moais scattered everywhere. These mysterious carved figures, massive in size, some weighing 50 tons, stand more than ten meters high, gazing out across rolling hills, mountains and extinct volcanoes towards crystal clear waters.

The Easter Island is best known for the hundreds of impressive images (moai) that line the coast around the island. Some of these centuries old images are so large that it is a mystery how they are made, transported and erected. Besides the images can be found on the island too much ruins, caves, quarry and other relics from the past. Archaeologists have numerous statues and ruins brought back to its original state. But nevertheless, most images are still scattered over the island (in collapsed position). The museum in Hanga Roa shows some special images and a lot of information about the images and history of Easter Island .

Rapa Nui in Polynesian means literally the Big Rock (rapa: rock, nui: large). The island was so named since about 1863 by sailors from Tahiti. The term is now used by the natives for both the island itself, their language, and to their own people ( Rapa Nui indicate).