Accommodation in Atiu

Atiu has a fascinating landscape and is an emerging destination for nature lovers. It is a raised atoll surrounded by coral reefs – which were once just below sea level now form razor sharp steep sea cliffs with caves and secluded white beaches. In the middle of the island you will be a central plateau, with a lake and forests several small villages. The population of the island is only around 400 people.

Atiu is located 187 kilometers northeast of Rarotonga. It belongs to the southern islands of the Cook Islands. There is a small harbor – all of them at high tide and on the crest of a wave is accessible for a canoe or boat. Easier to reach the island by plane, on the northwest side light a small airstrip. There is a daily flight between Rarotonga and Atiu.

There is only a couple of accommodation options here.

Directors Choice – Top Hotels for all Budgets

Director of Pacific Island Travel, Rob Kusters shares his top picks of Hotels, Resorts and accomodation on Atiu for all budgets!

Atiu Villas

Atiu Villas

“This central plateau overlooking the pineapple fields, fruit trees and dense rainforest. A short walk takes you to the white sandy beaches of the south coast. This is a popular choice on Atiu! ”

Atiu B&B

Atiu B&B

“Atiu B&B has three bedrooms that are available in a homestay arrangement in the village of Areora. Great for those seeking comfortable homestay experience ”

More information about Atiu

Birdman George1. Bird watching

Atiu is famous for its birdlife. Atius ancient name is “Enuamanu”, which translate to “Island of Birds”. Atiu has many bird including the Kopeka, a swiftlet that lives in caves. A tour with “birdman George” is a must!

Atiu Caves2. Exploring the caves

Atiu is surrounded by an ancient uplifted reef which is riddled with water caves, burial caves, bird caves, and unexplored caves. The caves is a popular activity amongst visitors.

Atiu Coffee3. Tour of an organic coffee plantation

All coffee on this island is grown organically. The Arabica beans are fermented, sundried, roasted and packaged on the island. Coffee tours are available.

Atiu Beaches4. Exploring the beaches

Atiu has about 28 pockets of coral sand beaches. Some are almost inaccessible and very secluded. Other can be reached easily, but all are seldom visited. You’d be unlucky to share a beach with someone else.

Atiu Tumunu5. Tumunu

The famous bush beer school. This is a fantastic experience.

Transportation options  are limited. Typically you would arrange airport transfers with your accommodation provider. Also when doing a tour on the island transport will be included in the price.

Another option is to arrange a car hire to explore the island with independence.