Oahu Bus Service, officially called TheBus, runs between almost all towns and to most tourist destinations. Fare for TheBus is $2.50; exact change is compulsory and it will get you anywhere on the island TheBus goes.

There is a 4 day TheBus Tourist pass available from most ABC Stores (like a 7/11) for $25. Make sure you ‘scratch’ it correctly before getting on the first TheBus.

Oahu Bus Service tickets are available from ABC Stores and other Waikiki-area shops is a very handy guide to TheBus for $2.95.

Oahu Bus Service can be accessed online at www.thebus.org. TheBus can also be reached by phone at 1-808-848-5555, with customer service representatives available every day to answer questions between the hours of five thirty in the morning and ten in the evening.

TheBus, Oahu Bus Service serves all of the major areas of Oahu, including offering two different lines which run to the airport (one from Honolulu and one from Waikiki). There are several bus transit centers which make catching the bus and transferring between busses relatively easy. The Kalihi Transit Center is the most frequently used bus transfer center.

Note, you should be able to find which bus(es) to take from the popular attraction link. However, early in the morning or late at night you may have to take different buses & transfer. This is when Google Transit option is best.