Accommodation in Dunedin

Dunedin is the second largest city on the South Island and unlike Christchurch founded by Scottish settlers in 1848. They gave the city the name ‘Dun Edin’ what the Celtic name for Edinburgh. The Scottish influence is clearly visible on the street and many Scottish traditions are still here. Not long after settlement gold was found in the vicinity of Otago, this brought the city great wealth and made it into a major trading center.

Because of this prosperity there is a well preserved collection of historic banks, hotels and Victorian-style houses. In the center there are many beautiful buildings, churches and museums like The Octagon, The University of Otago and the Dunedin Railway Station. For those who love shopping, there is plenty of choice. The town is surrounded by green rolling hills.

Dunedin is a student city with more than 25,000 students and vibrant night life with many pubs. The University of Otago is located in Dunedin.

Directors Choice – Top Hotels for all Budgets

Stable Stay, Lanarch Castle

Stable Stay, Lanarch Castle, Dunedin

“For a truly unique stay in Dunedin stay within the grounds of New Zealands only castle. Stable stay is affordable and cosy accommodation in a historic stable. “

Camp Estate, Lanarch Castle

Camp Estate Bedroom, Larnach Castle, Dunedin

“Situated 500 metres from the Larnach Castle, you will find a glamorous new stone manor house. The rooms are luxuriously decorated in neo classic style, all with fire places and pastoral views of the surrounding countryside. “

Hazel House Bed & Breakfast

Hazel House, Dunedin

“This B&B is conveniently located in Dunedin town. It is a classic 1900s villa with grand rooms and high ceirling. There is also a lovely courtyard and spa pool to relax in.”

Scenic Hotel Southern Cross

Scenic Hotel Southern Cross, Dunedin

“This is a classic and popular city hotel option. Modern hotel located in the heart of Dunedin. It has been extensively refurbished and has all modern amenities. “

More information about Dunedin

St Clair Beach1. Beaches
There are some fantastic beaches near Dunedin perfect for a romantic stroll or family picnic. Famous beaches are the beaches of St. Kilda and St Clair. A visit to Tunnel Beach is definitely worth it and not just for the beach. Tunnel Beach is located about seven kilometers south of the city. Here you can walk along the Tunnel Beach Walkway. A path that is carved into the sandstone cliffs. From the beach you have a magnificent view on the ‘sculpted’ by wind and water cliffs. Find Out More >

Dunedin Art Gallery2. Dunedin Public Art Gallery
The Dunedin Public Art Gallery – established in 1884 is the oldest museum of New Zealand and located just outside the city center. You can see works by European masters from the 15th century to the present, including Monet, and Machiavelli, but also a lot of attention to artists from New Zealand, both past and present. Find Out More >

Baldwin Street3. Baldwin Street
Baldwin Street is recognised by the Guiness Book of Records as the steepest street in the world. Just above the center of the city you will find Baldwin Street with a gradient of around 38%. You can reach the top by foot, bike or car. Bear in mind there are 270 steps up and down again. Fortunately, there is a railing where you can hold on to. Find Out More >

Cadbury Chocolate Factory4. Chocolate and Whisky
Lovers of chocolate, beer and whiskey can enjoy themselves by visiting one of the factories. Visit the Cadbury Chocolate Factory located in the heart Dunedin and create your own Cadbury chocolate bar. Later, to wash away the chocolate visit the Speight Brewery, one of the oldest breweries in the country. Or if you prefer something stronger then go to the Wilson Whisky Distillery. Find Out More >

Olveston House Dunedin5. Olveston House
This magnificent house, which was built between 1904 and 1906 and is still in perfect condition, consists of 35 rooms containing antique furniture, valuable porcelain, paintings and other art from that period. In 1966 the family donated the property to the city of Dunedin. The Olveston House is built from different types of stone, such as Moeraki pebbles and Oamaru stone. Take a guided tour that will take you back to the 20s and get a clear image of how the wealthy lived at that time. Find Out More >

Otago Settlers Museum6. Otago Settlers Museum
As the name suggests, you can see in this museum the history of the early settlers. Costumes, furniture, antique medical instruments, equipment, vehicles, including ‘Josephine’ oldest tram Dunedin and many other items are exhibited here. On the walls you will see yellowed photographs of the first immigrants from Europe, but also from the earliest immigrants from China. An interactive multimedia show shows how it was to undertake the long journey by sailing ship from Europe to New Zealand. Find Out More >

Otagaon Dunedin7. The Octagon
The central square that has an octagonal shape is the center of Dunedin. On the square are many activities such as festivals, celebrations as well as protest marches. In the middle of the square is a small park that invites picnicking and where you can listen to a musical fountain. Around the square are beautiful buildings in Victorian and Edwardian style, including the St. Pauls Cathedral and the Dunedin Visitor Center. Find Out More >

Otago University8. University of Otago
The university dates from 1869 and is the oldest in New Zealand. The buildings are a mix of old and new buildings. The clock tower in gothic style of the old administration building is probably the most photographed building in Dunedin. The park-like garden is a lovely place and you can enjoy a short walk along the river Leith, which flows into the Ortago port. Find Out More >

Otago Rail Trail9. Otago Rail Trail – Cycle Path
The Otago Central Rail Trail runs for 150kms between Clyde and Dunedin. The Trail follows the old Central Otago branch railway line from Clyde to Middlemarch passing though many towns and diverse scenery along the way. Find Out More >

Wine Otago10. World Class Wine
In the Dunedin area there is a selection of top wineries and vineyards in New Zealand. A wine tour is a great way to sample the internationally acclaimed wines of the region. Find Out More >


The best way to explore Dunedin and its surrounding area is by car. Dunedin city itself though you can get around quite easily on foot, with local buses or with taxi.