Accommodation in Whitianga

Whitianga is a popular beach town and a great base to explore the east coast beaches in The Coromandel Peninsula. Whitianga is a perfect spot to experience the relaxed way of life that New Zealand is famous for. Enjoy a Kiwi tradition of “fish n chips” on the beach or browse one of the local boutique stores and galleries.

In terms of accommodation there is a wide variety to choose from. From holiday homes, to B&Bs to hotels you will find all options in the Whitianga for all budgets.

While staying in the Coromandel a must is a visit to Hot Water Beach. Head towards the coast and dig a pit on “Hot Water Beach”, and create your own thermal bath. Beware! The water can be quite warm and it is advisable to take a shovel to dig there with your private Spa. After a few hours you can then take a refreshing dip in the cool sea.

The Coromandel area has plenty to do. The peninsula is hilly, has beautiful nature, with subtropical rainforests that are intersected by fresh water rivers and beautiful white sandy beaches on both sides. There is plenty to do from skydiving or hiking to kayaking around the coast. It is also home to a lot of artists and craftspeople.

Directors Choice – Top Hotel in Whitianga on a Budget

Aoteroa Lodge

Aoteroa Lodge

“For those on a budget this is an excellent choice. Motel style accommodation located in a quiet garden location in Whitianga.”