Accommodation in Kihei or Wailea

Kihei and Wailea are beautiful towns on Maui’s South Shore. It is one of the warmest places to stay on the island as it doesn’t get the breeze that the other parts get. There are many hotels, resorts and condos to choose from here.

In sunny South Maui, there are hotels and resorts for every taste and budget. Indulge in the luxury of Wailea’s five-star hotels and resorts where Hawaiian hospitality, breath-stealing panoramas and first-class comfort go hand in hand. Or, if you prefer the laid back atmosphere of a beach-side community, Kihei’s hotels and resorts offer affordable choices with spacious suites, ocean views and family-friendly amenities.


Kihei is a small town of around 20,000 on Mauis South side. Most accommodation is located along the main road (South Kihei Road) and you can reach most restaurants, shops and the beach by walking. During the winter months humpback whales can be spotted here from the shoreline. There is alot to see and do around here – swimming, snorkeling, surfing or go to a traditional Luau with Polynesian music and dancing.


Wailea is a small and beautiful resort town just south of the Kihei. Here you will find luxurious hotels, resorts and condos as well as gold courses and high quality restaurants and shopping. Here like in Kihei there is plenty to see and do from hiking to snorkelling. We recommend hiring a car to explore the other many beautiful spots around Maui.