Accommodation in Lanai

The island of Lanai is sparsely populated with only 30 miles of paved roads and mile upon mile of pristine beach. A secluded whale-shaped island, it covers 234 square miles that range in elevation from sea level to more than 3,400 feet. If you want to leave behind the hustle and to enjoy the privacy and convenience of a comfortable hotel then Lanai is the perfect island. You can pamper yourself in one of the two luxury Four Seasons hotels or opt for the authentic Hotel Lanai with an excellent restaurant.

There’s four-wheel-driving in the high forests, coral reefs to explore, historical sites and former pineapple plantations to visit, which are now organic gardens supplying fresh fruit and vegetables.

What makes Lanai special though, is its sense of seclusion and privacy. You can stroll the beach where the only footprints are yours, follow a jeep trail for hours through thick strands of eucalyptus and Norfolk pines, snorkel with leaping dolphins, or explore sites where the ancient Hawai’ians worked the land and fished the sea.

The lowlands are fringed with beaches and rugged sea cliffs, the highlands are a mosaic of meadows and woodlands, laced with rainbows and mountain mists.

Top Areas to Stay on Lanai

Hotel Lanai – Lanai City ***

Hotel Lanai
Lanai City is the only town on Lanai. There are no traffic lights and no shopping malls. Hotel Lanai is a great mid range hotel located in this historic town.

Four Seasons Lanai – The Lodge at Koele *****

lodge at koele
Escape to a goregous Hawaiian retreat with lush gardens, two world-ranked gold courses and stunning countryside views.

Four Seasons Lanai – At Manele Bay *****

manele bay
Bordering a marine reserve perched atop a rugged red-lava cliff above a white sand beach this ocean-side luxury resort will make you weak at the knees.


More information about Lanai

Couple hike in Keahiakawelo1. Garden of the Gods
A discovery by jeep or bike around the island is recommended. Lanai offers many hidden natural beauty. A special attraction is the bizarre landscape of the “Garden of the God’s” an otherworldly rock garden at the end of rocky Polihua Road. Located roughly 45-minutes from Lanai City on the northwest side of the island, its mysterious lunar topography is populated with boulders and rock towers. Find Out More >

Lanai Shipwreck2. Shipwreck Beach and Hulopee Beach
At Shipwreck Beach is not only a nice view of Maui and Molokai, there are indeed shipwrecks. It is dangerous to swim here but it is a great place to visit and take in the view. Hulopoe Beach on the other hand is a fantastic beach you can swim, snorkel and dive. In the winter months you will find dolphins and whales in this bay. Find Out More >

AHALA002   Eroded Lanai Slopes 23. Lanai-hale

From the more than 1000 meters high Lanai-hale has an extraordinary view. Find Out More >


Experience at Koele Golf Course4. Golf on Lanai
Golf enthusiasts come to Lanai to enjoy themselves. The island boasts a number of world-class golf courses including “The Experience at Koele” designed by Greg Norman and “The Challenge at Manele” designed by Jack Nicklaus is a challenge for everyone who loves this sport. Find Out More >

sweetheartrock5. Hulopoe Bay and Sweetheart Rock

A walk (or a horse ride) along the cliffs of Hulopoe Bay overlooking “Sweet Heart Rock” is one of the most beautiful thing Lanai has to offer. At low tide you can see the amazing diversity of marine life in the tidal pools. Find Out More >

UTV rides6. 4-Wheel Drive
Lanai has over 400 miles of road to explore by 4-wheel drive. Highlights include 4-wheel drive to the remote Kaiolohia or Shipwreck Beach. Find Out More >

Mouflan Ram7. Hiking
From the top of the Munro Trail to seaside Sweet Heart Rock, Lanai offers a handful of peaceful and picturesque hikes. Find Out More >

Slider maui Fish8. Snorkeling
Swim and snorkel in Lanais calm and tranquil protected bay. Find Out More >

Manele Bay tidepools9. Tide Pools
Explore the many tide pools carved out of volcanic rock on Lanai. Find Out More >

Palawai Road10. Palawai Basin
Visit Palawai Basin, once home to the world’s largest pineapple plantations, now a scenic open plain. Find Out More >



Many of the sights and beaches are spread out across the island so a car or tours is the best way to get around.