Book your accommodation at the Hawaii Islands

During your vacation in Hawaii, you will discover a fascinating blend of nature and culture. Its  six islands Big Island, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai, each have each their own charm, history and uniqueness. Island Hopping is the ideal way to discover the beautiful Hawaii Islands.

On the islands of Hawaii, which are known for their hospitality, you’ll find a wide variety of accommodations – mid range hotels to lodges and luxury resorts Characteristic of Hawaii are the condo’s – or apartments. In Waikiki, most hotels are located close to each other and high-rise buildings. On the outer islands, the hotels and resorts are generally no higher than the highest palm tree, and they lie in a beautifully landscaped garden. Please note, however, that many hotels have paid parking and a resort fee is charged.

For most hotels in Hawaii the rooms are equipped with private bathroom, television, telephone, air conditioning and terrace / balcony. The extras such as meals, resort fees, minibar are typically at an additional cost.

Which islands to visit in Hawaii?



Oahu is the main island of Hawaii, it is the third largest in size and home to the city of Honolulu and home to over 85% of the state’s population. Because of this the island has been appropriately nicknamed “The Gathering Place”. On all sides of the island you will find beautiful pristine beaches as well as a number of fascinating historical sites.

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Hawaii Islands - Kauai

In all shades of green exotic plants grow on this oldest and perhaps the most beautiful island of the group. The beautiful scenery and diverse landscape attract not only vacationers seeking rest, but also well-known directors for films such as ” Blue Hawaii , “” South Pacific , “” King Kong “and” Jurassic Park “was Kauai decor.

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Hawaii Islands - Maui

Long sandy beaches, lush rainforest, dramatic volcanic landscape and groups of whales and dolphins in the sparkling ocean. A feast for the senses. Contrasts of color and fragrance, man and nature. The contrast in scenery and vibe is what make this island so interesting.

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Big Island

Hawaii Islands - Big island

The Big Island, as the island of Hawaii is called in order to avoid confusion, is home to the most active volcano in the world and also an island of huge variety. Larger than all the other islands put together, it’s an island of amazing contrasts with lush rainforests, monolithic cliffs, beaches of many colours and active volcanoes.

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Hawaii Islands - Molokai

After arriving at Molokai one thing will become clear very quickly: Hang loose! Here you can truly relax, you will quickly surrender to the calm and relaxing atmosphere. Molokai is the most traditional island of the group. Everything is at a quiet pace and is said to be this is what the other Hawaii islands were like 50 years ago.

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Hawaii Islands - Lanai

The island of Lana’i is sparsely populated with only 30 miles of paved roads and mile upon mile of pristine beach. A secluded whale-shaped island, it covers 234 square miles that range in elevation from sea level to more than 3,400 feet. If you want to leave behind the hustle and enjoy the privacy and convenience of a comfortable hotel then Lanai is the perfect island.

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