Aloha festivals is Hawaii’s premier cultural showcase, a celebration of Hawaiís music, dance and history intended to preserve the unique island traditions.

Aloha Festivals have become a celebration of Hawaii’s Pacific, Asian and Western cultural influences, from the Japanese Bon Dance to the traditional hula. Nearly 30,000 volunteers labor together to stage the events, which are attended by nearly 1 million – a festival truly of the people of Hawai’i by the people of Hawai’i.

The art of hula has survived, endured and evolved throughout many generations of historical, political and cultural change and it continues to be the main venue for perpetuating the oral traditions of the Hawaiian people and their beloved land.

Practitioners of the hula have for years embraced both the traditional and contemporary forms of oli (chant) and hula (dance) expressing their love, beauty and passion for the elements of nature and for each other.

E Mau Ana Ka Hula I Ke Kanaka. May hula continue to live through its people.

Aloha Festivals has grown over the past 50 years to encompass 300 events on six islands spanning a two-month period (dates change each year).

In 2014 the Aloha festival will be held in September.

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