Plan your trip during one of the many festivals and events in Hawaii. Experience one of a kind festivals, cultural performances, musical events and sports competitions throughout the year on the Hawaiian islands.W What better way to time your dream vacation to align with a fascinating cultural festival and event or a sporting goal you have in mind. We have the details on several cultural, musical and sporting events happening in the coming year in Hawaii. Also we have a vast range of accommodation options from hotels, resorts to condos to accommodate you at this time. But remember to book soon if you are planning on coming over a festival or event period as the accommodation books up fast!

Cultural Festivals and Events

Culture, festivals and events

Experience Hawaiian art and culture by attending on of the many events and festivals throughout the year. Princelot Hula Festival, Floating Lantern Festival and the famous Aloha Festivals are just a few of the cultural Festivals and Events that take place in Hawaii each year.

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Music Festivals and Events

Music, festivals and events

Make your trip unforgetable with on of the many musical events throughout the year. The Annual Ukulele Festival, The Hawaiian Slack Key Festival and Hawaii Opera Theatre are some of the fantastic Music Festivals and Events that occur on Hawaii each year.

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Sporting Festivals and Events

Sport, festivals and events

Hawaii offers many exciting sporting events including international fishing tournaments, professional surfing competitions to world championship triathlons. Ironman, Vans Triple Crown Surfing Event and Hawaiis Billfish Tournament are a couple of the great Sporting Festivals and Events that would be worth having planning your vacation alongside.

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