Over 300 events make up the annual food and wine festival in the cultural city of Melbourne in March each year. From bustling food markets, award winning restaurants to expert winemakers – this event has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival started as a modest programme of 12 events in 1993, dreamed up by Peter Clemenger. Twenty years later the festival has grown to host over 200 events annually.

Beyond the core festival in March year there are hundreds of other food and wine related events taking place year round in Victoria – from an abundance of fresh local produce, to bustling markets and innovative chefs showcasing their award winning creations. Melbourne has built an international reputation for its foodie spirit.

From famous dining spots to unexpected venues, rooftop bars to hidden cellars, each year the Festival goes beyond eating and drinking to create memory-making experiences.

Now in its 23rd year, the Festival highlights why Melbourne is a world-class gastronomic destination, attracting visitors from across Australia and around the globe.

A pop-up artisan bakery rising daily in the heart of the city; a long lunch for 1,500; a rollicking ‘low and slow’ barbecue opening party; and a global discussion on the future of food are just some of the unique ways that Melbourne’s culinary spirit will be celebrated in 2015.

Dates: March each year

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