Australia Day or Straya Day as pronounced fondly by the Aussies, is the one day of the year where Australians all come together to celebrate everything that is great about being an Aussie. It is a fun day to partake in if you are travelling in Australia at the time.

26th of January marks the day when the first fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain arrived and the Union Jack (British Flag) was raised by Captain Arthur Philip at Sydney Cove in 1788. These days the event celebrates contemporary Australia with their diverse society and landscapes and achievements, today and the potential for the future.

Australia Day is typically spent at either an organized community event or simply together with friends and family enjoying a BBQ and time together.

Australia Day is a public holiday in all states and territories. All schools and post offices are closed. Some public transport services do not operate and others run a reduced service. Stores are often open, but may have reduced opening hours. There may be some congestion on roads, particularly close to major events.

Don’t forget if you are in Australia on Australia day to get dressed appropriate – where green and gold or the Australian flag colors (red, white and blue).

Dates: 26th of January each year (note this day is a public holiday)

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