Accommodation in Canberra

Canberra is the capital city of Australia.

Canberra, Australia’s capital, is actually a city-state and is located in the state of New South Wales. The Australia Capital Territory (ACT) as the statelet called, is “created” in 1911. Ten years earlier, in 1901, Australia’s former colonial parts were classified in official statements.

History of Canberra
Now there was more structure in the patchwork that country had so far, with rivalry and competition everywhere. This rivalry also existed between the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, both capital of the new federal state would be Australia. Melbourne was provisionally chosen as the place where the seat of government until they could agree on a neutral city.

The choice for Melbourne was a personal choice of Edmund Barton, the first prime minister. In 1909 they bought a piece of land to the state of New South Wales that lay between Sydney and Melbourne, in the beautiful nature. A worldwide competition was held in which architects could submit a draft of a city two years later.

Ultimately, the design of the American Walter Burley Griffin was chosen. The name of the new city would be Canberra, comes from the Aboriginal language and means ‘meeting place’. It then took nearly 30 years before the parliament settled here eventually.

That Canberra ‘born’ on the drawing board is now clearly visible through the clean lines and design that somewhat sterile about komen. More than 300,000 inhabitants lives in the city including many politicians, artists and officials. The center of the city surrounded by many parks and in the middle of the city is Lake Burley Griffin. Both banks are connected by the Commonwealth Bridge and the Kings Avenue Bridge.

Sights of Canberra
When you visit Canberra, you should definitely see Capital Hill, the Parliament House stands in Capital Hill. The building is decorated with more than three thousand artifacts. When Capital Hill Commonwealth Bridge to the other side of the lake is going to get through the Parkes Way and Anzac Parade at the Australian War Memorial. On route to the War Memorial has a good view from the bridge on the Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet, a fountain of up to 140 meters high. The Anzac Parade is like an imaginary axis that Capital Hill and the War Memorial connects. From the 842 meter high Mount Ainslie Lookout, you can see it well.

Further, in and around Canberra are numerous attractions including museums, galleries and monuments. Do you like paintings, art from both Western and Aboriginal artists, then you should definitely pay a visit to the National Gallery of Australia. The National Film and Sound Archive will be displayed interactively Australian Film and audio materials.

Around Canberra
Around Canberra invites you to take walks in the several parks that are here. One example is a climb to the top of Black Mountain, which offers a good view of the city. At the top is a telecommunications mast high above the mountain. In the tower is a small exhibition based on the history of telecommunications and a restaurant.

Public transport in Canberra
The transport to and from Canberra is well regulated. There is a regional airport in the city, with several flights per day Sydney and Melbourne. There is also a train service to Sydney. Canberra has a local bus network connecting all districts with the center.