In order to ensure you recieve the best experience. Pacific Island Travel has selected a number of reputable partners to partner with.

Best of Travel Group

Pacific Island Travel is one of Best of Travel Groups partners, an alliance of European specialized tour operators in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and South America. This group has 14 members in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Impala Tours in Netherlands.

The advantage of this partnership in the Best of Travel Group:

• the joint purchasing of products,
• exchanging experience ones knowledge,
• producing the extended brochures.

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Travel Creditations & Partners

In the 20 years of our existence we have since built a solid reputation as the most specialized tour operator in the Netherlands to destinations in the Pacific.

At Pacific Island Travel we are affiliated with the following Partners:

• ANVR (Dutch Association of General Reisondernemingen)

The ANVR is  a trade association in the Netherlands and not a consumer organisation. People travel for many centuries all over the globe, for pleasure or for doing business, both individually and in groups. No wonder that since the 50s of the last century, a development corridor came from companies in the travel industry to want to unite in order to defend the common interests.

• IATA (International Air Transport Association)
• New Zealand Specialist (Tourism New Zealand)
• Australia Specialist (Tourism Australia)
• Hawaii Specialist (Hawaii Tourism)