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Excursions & Tours

There are a number of excursions around Efate (main island) departing from your hotel. However, we recommend you think about organising a couple of them yourself. Not that they're badly run, but they are a little expensive considering how easily you can do them yourself by bus or taxi. This also gives you the freedom to spend as little or as much time as you wish. Hideaway Island and Cascades Waterfall for example will cost VT200 per adult and VT100 per child each way in a local bus (the driver will usually offer to come back at a designated time to pick you up). Your entrance fee to the falls includes a guide and on top of the entrance fee to Hideaway (VT500 per adult) you will have to pay for snorkel hire. You may wish to take your own from the boathouse at your resort. 

By the way, the quickest way to mentally convert vatu is that VT100 is a bit less than an American dollar and a bit more than an Australian one.

Here's an example of some of the tours on offer (all are suited to families as well as couples).

  • 'Horizon' Round the Island Tour: A full day tour that includes lunch and refreshments. Tours run every day and cost is VT5000 per adult and VT2500 for children. You'll need a bit of extra cash for the roadside markets.
  • Ekasup Village Tour: A half day tour that explores traditional Ni Vanuatu culture including Melanesian refreshments. VT3825 (kids half price).
  • Coongoola Cruise: Full day cruising islands that includes transfers, a BBQ lunch, refreshments and snorkelling gear. Cost VT7500 (kids free!)
  • Cutting Edge Ocean Kayaking: Full day includes transfers, lunch, snorkelling gear and personal guide. VT7400/3200.
  • One Hour Horse Riding Adventure: Ride through rainforests or along white, sandy beaches. Includes transfers and helmets. VT3600.
  • Neptune Glass Bottom Boat: Includes swimming, snorkelling gear, fish feeding and refreshments. VT3250/1650.
  • Sailaway Cruise: Full day sailing and exploring that includes transfers, lunch, refreshments and snorkelling gear. Cost VT8500 (kids free!)
  • Ambrym Volcano Tour: See an active volcano from the air. This can be booked at your resort tour desk. Flights leave Port Vila Airport early morning every day and return mid afternoon. You'll need an extra VT1000 for lunch.
  • Cascades Waterfall Tour: Tours run twice daily (about two hours) and include transfers, entry to the falls and a guide. VT2500/1500.
  • Hideaway Island Tour: Two tours daily include transfers, Island fees, snorkelling gear. VT3250/1625 - take some extra money for drinks.

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