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American Samoa

Ofu & Ta'u

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Ofu Island

Ofu is the most dramatic and beautiful of the Manu'a Islands. It's the easiest to visit, and the one most often seen by outsiders. Ofu's crown jewel is its south-coast beach - the 2.5mi (4km) stretch of white sand is one of the most beautiful in the South Pacific. Bring your snorkelling equipment: the waters here are part of the national park, and there's some excellent viewing of 300 species of fish and 150 of coral. In 1987, archaeologists found an uprecedented array of prehistoric Samoan artefacts behind the beach at the To'aga Site.

Ofu is situated 10 km northwest from Ta'u and 95 km east from Tutuila, the two islands of Ofu (4.9 km˛) and Olosega (3.9 km˛) are the westernmost of the Manu'a Islands group and form part of the territory of American Samoa. Obscured by cloud at the left side of the satelite image is the smaller islet of Nu'utele (1.08 km˛) located 1 km off the eastern side of Ofu.
The twin islands of Ofu (on the west), and Olosega (on the east) are formed by two sharply eroded, overlapping shield volcanoes. Steep slopes and cliffs of up to 600 m in height give the islands dramatic southern and northern coastlines that sweep to points facing the narrow strait between the islands; the interiors of the islands slope to the west (Ofu) and east (Olosega). The steep slopes of Ofu's southern coast culminate in the Leolo Ridge where the highest peak of the island is found — the Tumu Mountain at 494 m. Olosega's Piumafua Mountain, located at the junction of the northern and southern ridges (Alei Ridge and Mataala Ridge, respectively) rises to a height of 639 m. Both islands are surrounded by a common fringing reef that becomes exposed at low tide.

The narrow Asaga Strait (hidden beneath the clouds on the right) that separates the islands is spanned by a small slab and girder bridge.

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