Papua New Guinea
Kavieng (New Ireland)

Discovered by Dutch explorers in 1516, it was 1877 when the first missionaries arrived. With the development of copra plantations it soon became one of Germany's most profitable colonies. During World War II, New Ireland fell to the Japanese and many of the island's towns, infrastructure and industry was destroyed. Kavieng is situated at the northern tip of the island. It has often been described as a "typical Somerset Maughan south sea island port".

This is an island paradise of sandy white beaches, clear springs and rivers and soaring mountains that run the entire length of the island.

A road links north to south and is made from crushed coral. Travel is easier by boat and the interesting Malangan culture in the northern and central part of the island is unique within the Pacific.

Sorcery, shark calling, surfing and gourmet seafood including coconut crabs, crayfish, reef-fish and unpolluted shellfish make New Ireland and its outer island an escapist dream.