Papua New Guinea
Chambri Lakes (Middle Sepik)
The Chambri Lakes region is a vast network of swamps, canals and shallow lakes which flood in the wet season, breaking off parts of the riverbank to form "floating islands". This is ancient, primitive country where flocks of white egrets skim the water and dazzling orchids cling to the tree trunks. The village of Sotmeri is at the entrance to Chambri Lakes.

The most artistic of the villages are found in this region, and spectacular scenery typifies the many lakes and tributaries. The Middle Sepik stretches from Angoram to a short way beyond Pagwi, just before Ambunti. This section is regarded by many as the cultural treasure trove of Papua New Guinea. Virtually every village along the way has its own distinctive style of artifacts, the only connecting link being the Haus Tambaran in which the carvings are stored.