Micronesia (Marshall Islands)
Mili Atoll
Mili can be a good choice for travelers who want to visit one of the outer atolls, as it has friendly people and beautiful beaches and it's not too expensive to reach. After Kwajalein, Mili has the most land area of the Marshallese atolls, with a population of just over 850.

In 1937, famed US aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared in this part of the Pacific in the midst of a flight around the world. Although the mystery surrounding her disappearance remains, she was reportedly seen on Mili under Japanese custody long after her flight went missing.

As a major WWII Japanese base, Mili has many abandoned weapons, war planes and bombed-out buildings still scattered around. The atoll's oceanside beaches are great for shell collecting, while the lagoon's white-sand shores are perfect for lazy days of sunning and swimming. The surrounding waters have pristine diving.

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