Hotel Accommodation

HOTELS: There are few hotels in Kiribati, the major ones being on Tarawa, Christmas Island and Abemama. The small island of Kirimati also has two hotels. is good but not luxurious. There are also plans to build a luxury 150-room hotel on Christmas Island. A 10% service charge is added to all hotel bills.

REST HOUSES: Inexpensive rest houses can be found on all the other islands, for example Otintai, Tarawa; Robert Louis Stevenson, Abemama; Captain Cook, Christmas Island. However, cooking facilities are limited and visitors should take what they need with them.

Please note we can book a lot of hotels, even if they are not listed, but we can't book any hotel. Specially the budget hotels can usually only be booked on the spot.

As indication on the luxery rating we have classified the hotel in middleclass (*** / MC), first class (**** / FC) and deluxe (***** / DL) hotels and resorts.

Current room rates you will find at the bottom of each hotelpage. The hotelrates are per person in AUD (Australian Dollar) and your home currency and include tax. The rates are valid for the current season from 1  April till 31 March. If a certain hotel is not listed, or a rate is on request, please send us an email requesting that information.

Area: Name of Hotel/Resort Rating Remarks
Tarawa (Ambo) Tarawa Hotel Basic  
Tarawa (Bairiki) Lagoon Breeze Motel Basic  
Tarawa (Betio) Betio Motel Basic  
Tarawa (Bikenibeu) Otintaai Hotel MC best accommodation
Tarawa (Buariki) Buariki Hideaway Guesthouse Basic  
  Mauri Paradise Resort


Christmas Island Captain Cook Hotel MC