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Driving in Hawaii

Traffic Regulations

Because you might have only driven a car in Europe a, how can you compare the USA traffic regulations with those of Europe ? We try to answer some common questions here.

Traffic regulations in the USA are in general just like anywhere in the world. (Depending where you live: In the USA they drive on the right side of the road.) Every US state has it own legislation and laws and what is legal in one one state might be illegal in another. There are however some regulations with are valid for most states.

Turn on red 

When approaching a traffic light you are allowed to make a right turn even when the signal is red. But before you do so you must come to a full stop and check that there is no traffic on the intersection. Of cause when you see a NO TURN ON RED sign you must stop and wait for the traffic light to become green.

4 way stops 

At many crossings (and also at T-junctions) you will see a red Stop sign with a smaller "STOP 4 WAY" sign. In that case you have to come to a full stop and give way to cars already waiting at the intersection. They you may proceed. So basically the rule is "first in, first out". When two cars arrive simultaneously the right of way goes to the car on the right.

Keep your Lane !!..

No lanes are designated as either "slow" or "fast". However, some motorway signs ask slower drivers to use right lanes. Drivers can overtake you on the inside. Overtaking from either lane is permissible as long as you check and the lanes are clear (not in Canada).

What do those street name signs mean that hang over the road

They indicate the name of the road that you are crossing, not the one you are traveling on. When you approach a junction with a flashing yellow light that hangs over the road, it means usually proceed with caution. If they flash red it means stop and treat it like a "4 way stop".

A lane in the middle of the road with the arrows going left and right

Many roads without a central reservation have a lane in the middle that allows a driver to enter if they intend to turn left across the other carriageway. Check that the lane is clear and enter the lane using your indicator. Do not use this lane to overtake other vehicles.

Further Traffic Regulations (The California Driver Handbook)

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