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French Polynesia


Airports and Airstrips

The network includes 38 islands scattered over the full dimension of Polynesia : by superposing the map of the network with that of Europe, we would find Tahiti at Paris, Nuku-Hiva at Oslo, Mangareva at Bucarest and Rurutu at Marseilles. The shortest route is 15 km (Tahiti-Moorea), and the longest 1600 km (Tahiti-Mangareva). Traffic varies from several hundred passengers per day on certain routes and just a few dozen per month on others.

The 38 runways of the network have different characteristics which have an influence on the choice of aircraft scheduling and also on payload. Most of these runways are paved and offer the best landing conditions today.

Still, the most rudimentary airstrips are unpaved and built with coral soup : this is the case for some of the geographically isolated airfields in the Eastern Tuamotu, which are operated by the Dornier .This is the reason why the aircraft have to be fitted with special protectors against coral projections.

Airport of Tahiti-Faaa

The airport of Tahiti-Faa'a where international and domestic flights operate is located in the town of Faa'a. AIR TAHITI is operating in the main terminal to the islands of French Polynesia, whereas AIR MOOREA is operating regular flights between Tahiti and Moorea in another building 200 meters away.

Transfers from the airport to any town or hotel are provided by taxis (taxi rank at the airport) or trucks, local buses (truck-stop near the airport. Services available at the airport:

  • snack/bar
  • self-service
  • gastronomic restaurant
  • bank counters
  • cash point
  • post office
  • public phones
  • 'souvenir boutiques'
  • newspapers and tobacco shop
  • rent a car counters
  • baggage lockers
  • public restrooms (shower rooms and WCs)

Airport of Bora Bora

The airport is located on an islet (Motu Mute).

AIR TAHITI provides a launch service, "Bora Bora Navettes", between the airport and Vaitape, the principal village. The duration of the boat crossing is about 15 minutes. Each passenger is required to identify its baggage before boarding the launch and again upon arrival in Vaitape.

To get to the airport aboard Bora Bora Navettes, departure from the quay in Vaitape is 1h15mns before each flight departure. Check-in time at the AIR TAHITI counter in the airport is 1 hour before take-off.

Some hotels handle the direct transfers of their clients and their baggage. Please note that in this case, AIR TAHITI's responsibility for the baggage begins when bags are delivered at the baggage claim area in the airport upon arrival and from the time they are checked in with AIR TAHITI for the flight leaving Bora Bora upon departure. Trucks (local buses) and taxis are available upon arrival of the launch in Vaitape. Car rental counters are located 100 meters away from the quay. Services available at the airport:

  • a snack
  • a 'souvenir boutique'
  • car rental
  • public restrooms and shower rooms

Airport of Huahine

The airport is located on an islet, the 'Motu Maeva' at 15 minutes drive from the principal village of 'Fare'. Taxis are present upon each flight arrival. Services available at the airport

  • a snack-bar
  • a 'souvenir boutique'
  • public WCs

Airport of Atuona/Hiva Oa

The airport is outside the main center. Taxis are available for each arrival. The AIR TAHITI agents may inform you. Services available at the airport:

  • snack-bar
  • public restrooms

Airport of Manihi

The airport is located on an islet. Please note that there is no regular boat service between the airport islet and the other islets that comprise Manihi. Therefore, you will need to organize your boat transfer. 

The airstrip and the place of boarding and landing are some distance from the airport shelter. AIR TAHITI provides land transfers for passengers between these 2 points by a van, "Le Truck Air Tahiti" ; the baggage is transferred by a flatbed truck to the airport shelter where they will be delivered to you. When leaving Manihi, because of the location of the airstrip, check-in at the airport is 1h50 before take-off.

The baggage is transferred by a flatbed truck to the airport shelter where they will be delivered to you. Services available at the airport:

  • a snack
  • a public phone
  • public WCs

Airport of Maupiti

The airport is located on an islet. You can get to the main village by private boat, which costr extra (approximately 400 F XPF/adult and 200 F XPF/child to be paid directly). Duration of boat crossing : 15 minutes.

Airport of Nuku Hiva

The airport of Nuku Hiva, called 'Nuku A Taha' ('Terre Déserte' in french), is located in the north of the island. It is possible to get to Taiohae, the principal village by car (2 hours drive with a 4x4 wheeled vehicle) or by helicopter. Taxi service is provided at the airport to the villages. You may organize it upon arrival at Nuku Hiva. Helicopter transfers are made by Héli inter Marquises : Tel/Fax. (689) 92 02 17. Services available at the airport:

  • snack
  • public restrooms
  • Héli-inter Marquises for helicopter transfers

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We have included French Polynesia in some of our specials to the South Pacific, eg. our Kontiki Voyage and South Sea Dream Voyage. Another option is to create your own package to French Polynesia by utilizing the seperate travel components, like hotels, flights and excursions on the islands.

For a legal wedding the legal requires in French Polynesia that you remain at least 30 days in French Polynesia before the marriage. In practice this means you may only have a ceremonial wedding in French Polynesia (see also Tiki Village).

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