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French Polynesia

Tiki Village Cultural Center

Visitors to the island of Moorea are very lucky on two counts. Of course, there is the island's natural beauty and, with the Tiki Theatre Village being located on the island, holiday-makers have a unique opportunity to visit an old Tahitian village.

At Tiki Theatre Village visitors are greeted by beautiful vahines who will also act as guides, demonstrating the Tahitian way of life including weaving and dyeing of pareos, stone carving, the art of tattooing and painting on tapa.

The male hosts are available for canoe fishing trips and lunch can be arranged in the beautiful Tahitian restaurant.

Tahitian fascinations...

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Tiki Theatre Village extends its hospitality to include a traditional Tahitian evening, including a feast baked in a ground oven, complete with rum punch and wine.

But Tiki Theatre Village is best known for its exotic traditional weddings and its spectacular Polynesian Revue -the largest in Tahiti - a colourful and spectacular dance show in which the Tahitian legends are performed in the unique atmosphere of Tiki Village.

The dinner-show is truly spectacular, starting with a delicious Polynesian buffet and followed by a show in the open-air theater. The quality and size of this show is unique in all of Polynesia and bears no resemblance to the Hawaiian shows or the usual hotel tourist stuff. These are the best Tahitian artists, musicians and dancers assembled in such a large troop to perform a variety of exotic dances with fire, swords and magnificent costumes. This is a highly charged show, with gorgeous Tahitian girls rapidly swaying their hips for hunky "warriors" wearing little more than extraordinary tatoos, all to the sound of a frenetic drum beat and in the glow of twirling torches. Guaranteed to spice-up your evening !

Transportation to and from your hotel can be arranged at time of reservation (small charge). If the show is part of a travel package, transportation is included.

Polynesian Royal Weddings: In recent years the Tiki Village has became famous for performing traditional Polynesian Royal Weddings for movie stars such as Dustin Hoffman , Lorenzo Lamas and other jet-setters looking for a truly special wedding ceremony in an idyllic environment.

These romantic ceremonies are elaborate affairs with authentic costumes, village chief, nuptial outriggers, dancers and musicians that will make you feel like a queen and king in the days of Captain Cook. The wedding can be as grandiose as you wish and is always guaranteed to be a truly unique and delightful experience. 

After the festivities, you can spend the night (or the day) in the Royal Floating Fare, a cosy and very romantic floating bungalow moored a short distance away in the lagoon , where room-service will come to you in a flower decorated outrigger.

The Tiki Village offers three levels of Wedding Ceremonies:

1 ) The Princess Wedding includes:

  • An exotic Tahitian Village
  • The wedding ceremony, conducted by the Chief of the village and the High Priest.
  • Local Musicians and villagers.
  • Beautiful leis and crowns of flowers for the couple.
  • A marriage certificate made of Tapa (palm bark parchment) and bottle of Champagne.
  • Photos of the ceremony.
  • Transportation back to the hotel.
2) The Royal Wedding includes: All of the above plus the following:
  • Arrival of the couple from the hotel by canoe
  • Following the ceremony, the couple is carried by four strong Polynesian warriors atop royal chairs on a grand procession around the Village.
  • A romantic cruise on a royal outrigger canoe with musicians and Champagne.
  • Honeymoon Night on the Royal Tahitian Floating House
3 ) The Royal Deluxe Wedding includes: All of the above plus the following:
  • A choir of Tahitian mamas singing during the wedding ceremony
  • A spectacular Tahitian dance show
  • Honeymoon Night on the Royal Tahitian Floating House

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We have included French Polynesia in some of our specials to the South Pacific, eg. our Kontiki Voyage and South Sea Dream Voyage. Another option is to create your own package to French Polynesia by utilizing the seperate travel components, like hotels, flights and excursions on the islands.

For a legal wedding the legal requires in French Polynesia that you remain at least 30 days in French Polynesia before the marriage. In practice this means you may only have a ceremonial wedding in French Polynesia (see also Tiki Village).

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