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Malaysia Airlines
Bagage Facts & Rules
Checked Baggage Allowance for Trans-Pacific/Atlantic Sectors
  • First Class
    Two pieces of bags – Dimensions 5 ft. each. The total linear dimensions for both bags measured individually cannot exceed 10 ft. The maximum weight of any bag shall not exceed 70.5 lbs.
  • Golden Club Class/Economy Class
    Two pieces of bags – Dimensions 5 ft. each. The total linear dimensions for both bags measured individually cannot exceed 8 ft. 10 ins. The maximum weight of any bag shall not exceed 70.5 lbs.
Checked Baggage Allowance for Other Sectors
  • First Class - 88 lbs.
  • Golden Club Class - 66 lbs.
  • Economy Class - 44 lbs.
  • Fokker 50 - 33 lbs.
  • Twin Otter - 22 lbs.

Excess Baggage Charges

  • For Trans-Pacific/Atlantic sectors, rates are available at our check-in counters.

For other sectors, the rate is charged at I.5% of published economy class fare.

Items allowed in Cabin
(1) Cabin Baggage

Each passenger is allowed only 1 single piece of cabin baggage conforming to the following size and weight:

  • For wide body aircraft - 22 in. X 14 in. X 9 in.
  • For narrow body aircraft - 22 in. X 11.8 in. X 7 in.

Maximum weight for both aircraft types - 11 pounds

This baggage should be easily stowable under the seat or in the baggage compartment above the seat. The maximum linear dimensions when measured together must not exceed 115cm for wide body aircraft or I04 cm for narrow body aircraft.

(2) Other Personal Items
In addition to the cabin baggage allowed into the cabin, personal articles such as lady's handbag, an overcoat or a wrap or a blanket, an umbrella or walking stick, a small camera, binoculars, reasonable amount of reading materials for the flight, infant's food for consumption in-flight and infants carrying basket, a fully collapsible invalid’s wheel chair and/or a pair of crutches may be carried free. However, all other articles including overnight bag, briefcase, typewriter, personal radio, vanity or cosmetic case, hat boxes and heavy cameras will be weighed together with all the other baggage and are subject to excess baggage charges if the total weight is in excess of the free baggage allowance.

Items to be avoided
Articles such as the following shall not be carried in your checked and cabin baggage:

  • Compresses gases - flammable, inflammable and poisonous
  • Corrosive such as acids, alkalis, wet batteries
  • Explosive, munitions, fireworks and articles which can easily ignited
  • Flammable liquids and solids such as matches, lighter, fuels, rubber and alcohol
  • Oxidizing materials
  • Poisons
  • Radio active materials
  • Other restricted articles such as mercury, magnetic materials, offensive or irritating materials
  • Ladies hairspray.

Please check with your travel agent or our reservation office for further information.

Connecting Passengers
Passengers making a direct connection (without stopover) with a flight of another airline or with a sea carrier in conjunction with Malaysia Airlines are entitled to the same baggage allowance as given by the connecting air/sea carrier. However, the maximum allowance on Malaysia Airlines will be 88 lbs. on the First Class, 66 lbs. for Golden Club Class and 44 lbs. for Economy Class.

Left Baggage…

Left baggage service is available at a nominal charge at certain airports.

Baggage Liability…
Liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage is limited unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid. The liability limit is US$20.00 per kg for checked baggage and US$400.00 per passenger for unchecked baggage. Further information is available from your travel agent or Malaysia Airlines offices.

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