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Airlines flying to and in the Pacific

LAN Chile

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^ Boeing 767-300 ER

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^ Boeing 737-200 (Business Class Version)

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^ Boeing 737-200 (Non Business Class Version)

Lan Chile is the National Airline of Chile. We are part of the OneWorld Group (with Qantas & British Airways). We have a modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus Airplanes. From Santiago the Chile we provide a wide range of domestic and international flights. For the Pacific Region our twice weekly connection to Easter Island and Tahiti is most important. There are also weekly flights to Sydney and  Auckland.

LanChile is now flying the world's skies spreading the unique and gentle spirit of the South of the World, through its friendly and modern service. Renowned for its abundant hospitality, LanChile mirrors the nature of our warm and friendly people, their hospitality and warmth.

The identity of LanChile captures the colors, the textures, the sounds and the aromas representative of the vast Chilean landscape with a personality that offers a friendly and cordial service typical of the Chilean people.
Our new service-oriented philosophy is the result of a reinforcement of our traditional values in a fresh and modern way.

LanChile, the airline of Chile, seeks to match the quality and service standards of our international competitors in order to compete in the global market. We aim to offer you the best of both worlds--the warmth and hospitality of our people together with a modern, efficient and professional approach.

In addition to the new corporate identity reflected in our new aircraft livery, our fleet is expanding with commitments to purchase new short, medium and long range aircraft.

Our most important goal is to make sure that your trip is safe by meeting the highest industry standards. The change inside our airplanes goes beyond redecorating our cabins and our service improvements.

Our new pilot and technical personnel training centers and our new, state of the art maintenance center are also evidence of our commitment to providing the highest quality service and reliable product based on excellence and use of the latest technology available.

LanChile's fleet soars through the world's skies showcasing the star and the colors of the Chilean flag as well as our international character, our reputation for quality service and the modern times we are living in.

With an average age of two and a half years, LanChile Airlines' modern fleet of Boeing 767-300 aircraft will take you to all our international destinations in the greatest safety and comfort.

We invite you to get acquainted with our new cabins, where you will be able to note the new interior decoration inspired by the geography of our part of the world and the philosophy of our company: Hospitality, warmth, and efficiency.

Seat Configuration on the Boeing 767-300 ER:

  • First Class Row 1
  • Business Class Rows 5-9
  • Main Cabin Rows 12-38

Carrying our new image into the skies of Chile, our Boeing 737-200 aircraft serve all our domestic routes and certain short-range international routes, by delivering the kind of service which has made LanChile Airlines the leading air line on the domestic market

Seat Configuration on the Boeing 737-200 (Business Class Version):

  • Business Class Rows 1-2
  • Main Cabin Rows 4-20

Seat Configuration on the Boeing 737-200 (Non Business Class Version):

  • Main Cabin Rows 1-20

Service on Board
We offer New Cabin Interiors, equipped with new, next generation seats; New Menus, offering a wide variety of meals inspired by fresh, natural flavors and featuring the best of Southern cuisine; and New In-flight Entertainment which will gradually incorporate the music, images and culture of Chile.

As part of our new service-oriented philosophy, we will gather the best of the Southern Hemisphere and bring them to the rest of the world. Our crew, trained to provide a professional and personalized service, are as warm and friendly as the rest of people of the South of the World. LanChile has created a whole new flying experience. We're ready to offer you improved products and services making your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

For more information on our Cabin Service, go to:

Service on the Ground
The commitment of our ground services people is to keep you well informed and in touch at all times. There are many ways our service on the ground has been designed as efficiently as possible.

Our ElectronicTicket system, our Internet website, our worldwide phone number and LanPass the benefits granted to our frequent flyers are all examples of our desire to make your experience with us as easy and hassle free as possible.

Our warm and friendly staff are always willing to take care of you and your needs, solve your problems and make your time with us as pleasant as possible. LanChile is committed to providing the best quality service from the time you make your reservation, throughout your flight and until the moment you arrive at your final destination. We are committed to excellence and want all of our passengers to experience the warmth and spirit of the south.

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