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Air Nauru

Nauru is a small island Republic in the Central Pacific, just south of the Equator, close to Micronesia.

The island is famous for its rock phosphate. For the whole of the 20th Century, it has produced and exported phosphate, which following manufacturing has been fed as superphosphate onto the vast rural lands of Australia and New Zealand to increase productivity.

Soon after independence in 1968, Nauru introduced jet air travel from Australia to Nauru and the neighbouring islands of Tarawa and Majuro.

Nauru, with its expansive investment policy derived from its receipts from phosphate mining, has required fast and safe transportation services with the outside world.

Since 1971, it has maintained fast, reliable and safe jet air services with the metropolitan centres of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.

At the same time it has extended the benefits of these services to its neighbours in the Central Pacific - Kiribati, Fiji, the Federated States of Micronesia and Guam. Not only does it have a north-south service from Australia to the Central Pacific, but a most convenient east-west service between Fiji, Guam and Manila.

Air Nauru began air services as a adjunct to a government department. However, since 1996, the Nauru Air Corporation, a statutory corporation of the Republic of Nauru, has controlled the airline.

The corporation was established with the object of maintaining strong air links with Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia, expanding its commercial development in the Central Pacific area.

The services are catered for by a modern Boeing 737-400.

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